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At Wellington Timebank, we are committed to enhancing the lives of members in the community through our wide range of trade opportunities, activities and events. 

Vision: In our community we look out for each other and embrace diversity. 

Mission: Through exchanging skills, time and knowledge we foster relationships of trust and reciprocity. We harness the real wealth of the community and the value of each individual. 



  1. We are all assets. Every person has something to contribute.

  2. Redefining work. All kinds of work need to be honoured and rewarded. 

  3. Reciprocity. Relationships are about giving and receiving. “You need me” becomes “We need each other.”

  4. Social networks. People looking out for each other helps to weave communities of support, strength and trust. 

  5. Respect. All of us matter and are accountable to one another. 

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