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Tēnā koutou Timebankers, 


We have an exciting announcement!
We are going to be moving to a NEW online platform TIME AND TALENTS.

Why are we moving? 
Our current online platform is coming to the end of its life. We have been very busy in the background. After an extensive search we are moving to Time and Talents from hOur World!

e are so thrilled to have the opportunity to move to this platform as it is run by a dedicated and responsive technical team. The bonus is that they are also passionate time bankers who have designed it exactly to meet our needs!

What does that mean for me?
From Saturday 29th April our site will be closed for a few working days. During this time all Wellington Timebank members on our current platform will be moved to the new one. This means you will not be able to access the online system for a few days. All you need to do is note down any activity. Then later, once the new system is up and running (the following week) you will be able to record the activity on the new site. 

Can I still do timebanking activities?
YES! You can carry out any activities as you would usually. All you need to do is note down any activity. Then, a few working days later, once the new system is up and running (the following week) you will be able to record the activity on the new site. 

How will I know when I can access the new site?
Once is it up and running, we will notify you with an email including all the info you need. 

We will also announce it on:

  • our website

  • facebook page

  • instagram

  • email banner      


What happens to my information?
All your account information, like your time balance and history, will be transferred.


Will the privacy settings change?
Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. The great news is the new system is able to keep the exact same privacy settings as your existing account. This is one of several reasons we choose Time and Talents.

Will I still have access to the 'guardian' function? 
YES! We are really pleased that we will continue to be able to offer this important safety feature. This is particularly important for any under 18yr olds, people who require support and oversight, or those who have a support person helping them.

What will it cost me?
We believe cost should not be a barrier to anyone's participation. We will always operate on a 'contribute as you are able' basis starting at $0. 

Contributions are always welcome. Our community continues to grow! We have over 835 members which now includes over a hundred amazing organisations like the Sustainability Trust, Kaibosh, Age Concern, Kaicycle, Seeds to Feeds, Community Centres, all doing important charitable mahi right across Wellington. Reducing costs is really important at this time as we seek to secure sustainable funding for our future. With this move we are able to keep all the functions we need to run effectively but at a lower cost.

Can I get help with the new system?
YES! Making this transition as easy as possible is our aim. We will be here every step of the way to help you :)

We will be providing suppo
rt in the following ways:

  1. Having simple easy to follow instructions - sent directly to your email as well as on our website

  2. Drop in sessions - we will have people available to help you in person this and information about when and where will be sent to you next week.

  3. Short easy 'how to' videos available on demand
    We will post these here once the new site is up and running.


  4. Extra support!  The new system has an 'ebuddy' option
    This is a wonderful new function. It will be useful for so many of our members, maybe for those of you who do not have computer and/or internet access, or limited access. Or for those who find using smart phones or computers challenging. It means you someone you know can help you record any of your timebanking activity .

    This could help those of you who find navigating online systems difficult. Or those of you who may need a little support while you adjust. Then you can focus on the important part which is connecting to this caring community. 

    Let's embrace this change and get ready for an exciting new chapter for Wellington Timebank!

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