Love our Timebank

The Wellington Timebank engages our collective power to strengthen community; we make it easy for people to actively engaged with the people, organisations and businesses around them.

We are a community of people who call and respond to each other on a daily basis. It works! Connections are made and needs are met - as each person experiences being valued for their contribution to their community, they start to realise that they are vital to it.

People who join the timebank are asked to pay a small one-off membership fee. We rely on the generosity of others to keep the timebank going. Your contribution to the Timebank allows us to keep working towards our vision of a city where we look out for each other and embrace diversity.

Ways to donate:

Donate online with your credit card

Donate via online banking:

Newtown Community Centre
06 0574 0236602 50

Send a cheque in the mail to:

Wellington Timebank
℅ Newtown Community Centre
P.O. Box 7021
Wellington South

Drop donations off

Donations can be dropped off at the Newtown Community Centre, corner of Rintoul and Colombo Streets, Newtown. Ask for Alana