Talks-Sharing Knowledge (Chalkle)

Timebankers have an amazing variety of experience and knowledge. We love helping them to share it with others, through talks, both formal and informal. Let us know if we can help promote your talk.

Our friends at Chalkle provide a wonderful platform for people to share their skills and knowledge. Take a class, give a class - it’s that simple!

It’s also an easy way to use your skills and raise funds for the timebank. You choose a topic, set up a class through Chalkle, and donate the proceeds to the timebank.

Classes so far have included: How to use Trello; Nutrition advice; Maintaining Relationships; Sugar - What’s all the fuss about?

Wellington Timebank now have our own Chalkle channel: the right place to discover interesting classes that also fundraise for our Timebank. Check it out and sign up for a class now!

Here’s the story of a timebanker that did just that:

BY now we’re all contented followers of the Timebank tradition – but have you heard of Chalkle and the innovative new way it’s lending the Timebank a helping hand?

Chalkle is an adult education platform where anyone can give a class or attend a class, meaning that it has the goal of community learning from community in common with the Timebank.

We are trying to encourage more Timebank members to use Chalkle and vice-versa. In particular, members can give classes, earn time credits for their time and donate the money from paying class participants back to the Timebank as a way to generate some much needed revenue.

This is exactly what Joshua Vial did.

Meet Joshua, a programmer and entrepreneur who works with early stage start ups that have a focus on social good. Three years ago he started Enspiral, a company which has a service network offering everything from web and software to animation, graphic design, legal, accounting, environmental planning, landscape architecture, urban design, engineering and prototyping services.

“That keeps me on my toes!” says Joshua.

There’s a simple project management system called Trello that Joshua uses in his day to day work.

“Often when I was working using Trello people would be surprised at how I did things – and someone once suggested I should run a Chalkle class teaching others how to use it,” says Joshua.

So he did.

Joshua offered classes to Timebankers and Chalklers alike. Timebankers could pay using time credits and others paid $15 for the class. Joshua donated his profits back to the Timebank and earned time credits for the hours he put into the class. The extra ones went to the Chalkle Timebank account and will be used to develop more classes for the community.

What a feat: by giving a class in something that he enjoys and is skilled at, Joshua earned time credits for himself, fundraised for the Timebank and created time capital for Chalkle all in one go.

“I always enjoy teaching and people seemed to get something from the class so I really enjoyed the process. I particularly enjoyed running the class multiple times and making it a bit better each time as I got feedback from the participants,” says Joshua.

Been inspired by Joshua’s success story? Do you have an idea for a Chalkle class? Email Silvia  with your idea to get the ball rolling.

Joshua is also excited about seeing what other people come up with.

Says Joshua, “I’m looking forward to seeing other people’s classes go up so I can use some of my time credits!”

Jennifer Niven