Wrapping up 2015

This year we hit 650 members at the timebank & been part of 27 events - it's been quite a year! Top of the list was the opportunity to host the founder of timebanking, Dr. Edgar Cahn in Wellington. Hearing his stories and his determination to uphold his lifetime commitment to challenge injustice where ever he saw it was an inspiration for all of us. Earlier in the year we also had a sneaky visit from Martin Simon who established timebanking to the UK. Both of these men were really excited about the form that timebanking has taken in New Zealand and our approach to building community.

We've linked up with some more awesome organisations in Wellington. This year Kaibosh joined the timebank. They do amazing work rescuing food that would be discarded and re-distributing it to those who need it most. Now their volunteers can earn time credits for their hard work sorting food. We also started working with the Soup Kitchen who also work to deliver food to those most in need. It's been so great getting to know more about what these organisations do and meeting the people who work behind the scenes as well as all the awesome volunteers.

Timebankers have been trading up a storm helping each other out with everything from driving lessons to backyard haircuts. I notice a lot of coaching and mentoring being exchanged as people learn to seek help from those with more or different life experiences. Often very practical daily tasks are shared such as cooking meals for people or helping out in the garden. I had three timebankers cook me meals at my busiest time of the year which meant that I got to eat healthy food rather than just toast (my usual food on the run!)

Next year there will be some changes as Hannah will be leaving the role of Coordinator in April. Having been in this position since the day the timebank was launched, we're looking forward to handing it over and seeing what energy and direction someone else will bring to the role. We will be advertising the position at the end of January 2016 so keep an eye out!

In the meantime, have a wonderful summer break.