Two Years of Wellington Timebanking

October 29th marked two years from the official launch of the Wellington Timebank! In those two years 350 members have recorded more than 1,570 trades with over 3,330 hours traded!!! 

This incredible success is all thanks to the help of a dedicated steering committee, incredible leadership from coordinators Hannah (and some other help), huge support from the Newtown Community Centre, generous funders, and the members who have completely embraced the Timebank. Volunteers have given more than 3,000 hours directly to the Timebank!

Sonya, one of the Timebank's first members (who has done more than 50 trades in the last two years) pointed out why the Timebank has been so successful.

"It's a great solution for a lot of the world's problems..." and the Wellington Timebank is now a "force to be reckoned with."

It's brought together people who would have never met, provided a sense of community and support for people who really needed it, and worked with local businesses and organizations to strengthen the entire community.  Members have formed neighbourhood hubs, organized chalkle talks as fundraisers, and worked with Civil Defense to increase everyone's safety. Anna, Newtown Community Centre coordinator emphasised that this community force is coming from the people within the Timebank who have fully "claimed the Timebank and its values."

Favorite Timebank trades in the last two years have included fashion advice, dog walking, beer brewing, garden help, giving rides, and lessons in making green cleaning products. Ryan, another longtime member, even took part in a trade where he chopped up a dead tree for Claire, and she cut his hair when he was done. A perfect example of reciprocity in action! But its the people, not the trades that really matter. "I did a trade with someone I wouldn't have met, and had an incredible time hearing about her life and how she ended up where she is now" Anna remembers. 

Ryan's favorite trade was when he got help fixing his motorcycle. "Working with Fred was like being in the garage learning from a father or a grandfather. The Timebank provides a place for people to learn those sorts of things even when their folks live somewhere else"

As we celebrate how far the Timebank has come it's also a chance to look toward the future. Ryan's excited for a greater range of skills and a more diverse membership.  Anna is looking forward to a more financially secure and sustainable Timebank, which will hopefully be achieved through fundraising efforts in the works at the moment. And Sonya's vision of the Timebank's future? "World Domination"

Marit Olson, Wellington Timebank Intern