Trading Tales: Budgeting Advice


"Never underestimate what people can offer you..."

“Time is money,” an old saying goes. Understanding your personal finances is important in this day and age (i.e. spending patterns, savings strategies). Liz has traded with three timebank members offering her passion for and experience with budgeting and money matters. One of these timebank members was Janet and this was her first trade!

As a hobby, Liz has done a lot of research and reading up on personal money management. She wants to continue to build experience and practice more. Janet wanted to learn more about budgeting and how to utilise Excel better. So, through a fellow Timebank member and colleague, they were connected.

They met twice and Liz was able to design a personalised budgeting tool on Microsoft Excel. Janet was open to talk about money and was thrilled to learn more about where her money was going and how to better navigate Excel. Looking back, Janet said“Once you figure it out – it’s amazing!” Liz found it useful that Janet was goal-oriented and had a general awareness of her personal spending patterns.

“It was also like couples therapy for money,” Liz recalled. Liz worked with Janet and her partner to establish budgets together and individually.  Talking through where Janet was spending her money was an exercise on understanding values and what values they are reflected on. Janet not only learnt practical budgeting strategies, but she also learnt to “never underestimate what people can offer you.”

For Liz, budgeting trades are usually done after working hours. And many times, she’d just want to go home; however she has found the trades to be totally rewarding,“Doing something you’re good at is the best thing ever. Everyone is good at something.”

Story by Anna Gail Caunca