Timebank to the rescue!


Lisa loves cooking for people. It’s her way of getting down time from her job. She can spend hours in her kitchen, cooking and staring intermittently out over Island Bay. She realised that while she loves to cook, she often doesn’t have people to cook for, and what is the point of having cooked food in the house if there is no-one to eat it?

Anj and Kiri use the Timebank as a duo. Kiri puts the offers up on the website, and Anj organises the trades. This saves them time and they get to mutually benefit from the trades. Earlier this year, Anj was scheduled for foot surgery with a six week recovery time. Unfortunately, Kiri was going to be overseas at the time and unable to help Anj by cooking meals for her. Kiri pictured Anj going hungry, with legs in casts, sitting on the kitchen floor, desperately trying to open a can of baked beans with her teeth…

...until... Timebank to the rescue!

Anj and Kiri put out a request for cooked meals through the timebank, and Lisa’s two messages of “yes please!” won them over. They sent Lisa through a list of dietary requirements. In exchange, Lisa emailed a list of meal ideas, listing ingredients and with photos. Three meals were chosen and Lisa cooked them all up on a rainy Saturday afternoon. Anj provided Lisa with containers and a bag of fresh walnuts from the tree in her garden.

Lisa loved the trade, it felt like a challenge having to think outside the square and cook creatively when there were dietary restrictions. Anj and Kiri were stoked with the three delicious dishes, and Anj definitely did not go hungry. The three dishes made twelve meals, and there are still some in the freezer (I even got to take a meal home when I visited Anj and Kiri and it was delicious!).

This trade shows that you don’t have to have a unique or special skill to be part of the Timebank. Even the most simple thing - cooking somebody a meal - can make a huge different in someone's life. Being able to help someone when they need it is a way that everyone can contribute to the Timebank, and you are bound to feel happier by helping others out!

This Trading Tale is brought to you by Vivienne Askey