Recent offers and requests

A selection of offers and requests currently on offer at the Wellington Timebank:


Event and Project Management Support (Advice)

I am can offer my sweet experience with community and art projects and events. Happy to provide advice and organisational support.

Te Reo Maori

Kia ora koutou. Kei te pehea koutou? Come and learn some basic Te Reo Maori and feel more confident at starting out on this journey. Ma te huruhuru te manu ka rere (Adorn the bird with feathers, so that it can fly)

Salsa Lessons

Dancing - exercise without the pain, enjoy being with people without the awkward conversations, no meditation required to be in the moment. Let me teach you the basics/intermediate level Cuban salsa so you can shimmy in the kitchen or on the dance floor.

Beer Brewing

I can show you how to make your own beer from a 'beer kit'. I have all of the gear that you can borrow for the duration of your brew. It costs about $35 for the malt extract, hops etc and that gives you 23L of yum.

Driving Lessons

I am offering driving lessons to anyone who has their own car. I am based in Island Bay.

Errards and Transport

I can help people out with transport to and from the supermarket. I can also pick up your groceries and deliver them to your door.

Housework/ Gardening

I am well-trained in household chores by my mom. And I'm a perfectionist so when I do something, I make sure that its the best that can be. If you need help in house chores or hand in your garden...

English Tutorials

I am IELTS certified and college graduate. I have also attended an English review center back in the Philippines. Most people tell me that I have an American accent.

Pet Care

I have 2 dogs back in the Philippines whom I have taken care for more than 5 years. I miss them and I would be happy to look after your dogs like they are mine…

Care for Sick/Elderly

I am a registered nurse for more than 3 years now. I have handled individuals of different ages in the hospital. If you need someone to care for your sick relatives or watch over elderly just let me know and I will see if I'm free…


I am a registered nurse for more than 3 years now. I LOVE babies and kids so looking after them would be no problem for me. I have handled kids of different ages in the hospital which I enjoyed a lot. If you need someone to care for your children just let me know...

Stage, Audio and Music Live Production

I am an experienced live sound technician, stage manager, and concert producer. Advice or services offered.

Ultimate Frisbee Coach

Yup, its true. I coach ultimate frisbee to secondary school PE classes, primary school classes, holiday programs, and similar. I play weekly and have captained many teams..

University Study Advice

I have spent 17 of the last 20 years at Victoria University, and while accumulating a silly number of degrees, have learnt a lot of the tricks of the trade as to what they want from students. I am not offering to be a tutor here - I am offering to share some good study habits for success...

Guitar, Bass, Ukulele Tuition

I am an experienced professional band bass player; and am a competent guitarist. I have had very good feedback when I have given beginner to intermediate guitar lessons, and am happy to offer this service, either guitar or bass.

Nutritional advice

I am a doctor and I have a special interest in keeping people healthy through diet and exercise. I can help you make really nutritional food and cooking choices. I can explain why you might want to make certain choices and why 'diets' may or may not work and aren't usually a good idea...

Personal Training

I am a keen runner but mostly am interested in fitness for good living. How can being fitter make you feel better and sleep better. Are you keen to exercise but lack the motivation and need someone to go with you? Or just someone to remind you and set you a program? I can walk with you, run with you or even hoola hoop with you (I can lend hoops...)

Acupressure massage / Traditional Chinese Medicine

I'm a qualified acupuncturist, registered with the British Acupuncture society, but don't practice here. I do however offer TCM (acupressure) therapeutic massage and diet, exercise and lifestyle health advice both from my TCM training, and from my MSc in health promotion.

Conversations with Claire

I am an arts practitioner with an interest and curiosity in people and community. I love to talk and share ideas and connect with people. "Shared ideas strengthen our own resolve to create change"

Hairdressing services

Woman's Haircuts (Consultation necessary), Mens Haircuts and Beards/Mustache trims, Colour Work (Consultation preferred before colour purchases), Hairups for Balls or formal events, Wedding hair

Pc Support

I can offer support with computer issues, upgrades, antivirus, PC slowness- help to speed things up, help with setting up web pages, setting up home networks


Accountancy and/or Business Advice

I am starting up an interesting small business and would like to get some advice on how to manage my books.

Housecleaning for my Mother who has recently been ill. 

My mother has recently been ill, and I'd love to help her out with some housecleaning, but I'm really busy myself.

Computer upgrade Mac versus PC advice

I currently have a PC computer and I need to totally upgrade my computer so wondering whether I should switch to Mac. A fifteen minute phonecall might be all that is needed...

Hard Labour

I need help digging a groove up a hill to lay some pipes. More for the company than anything, but you will need to be a bit fit.

Building advice for buying a house

Hi, my friend is wanting to buy a house and would really love someone who knows a bit about building to look over it and give her some advice. She doesn't know much about building so any experience with this sort of thing would be appreciated...

Building a computer desk riser ...

I work in visual effects and sit at least 10 hours a day, sometimes up to 14 hours straight. Since I am a contractor I am responsible for providing most of my own needs related to work. I am interested in help creating a wooden boxed structure that will support...

Funding Applications for Community Events

I produce a wide variety of fun free public events throughout every year and would love to find that person who can do successful funding applications for me. There are plenty of organisations that offer funding, as grants or donations, but not enough hours in the day for me to apply to many of them.

Weeding in organic garden

We would love to have a bit of help staying on top of the weeding. We have a shady steep section with narrow terraces, and we grow a range of vegetables, herbs and small fruits, plus have several larger fruit trees established...

Permaculture planning

I'd love to permaculture blitz my garden. Does anyone have time to do a walk round and give me some tips?


I work at home and am currently running a number of community projects, most of them volunteer. I need someone to help me become more organised and have a better approach to balancing the projects…

Community gardens

There is a community garden in Owhiro bay and an opportunity for more people to get involved in growing their own food. Also a new community garden recently is being established in Johnsonville and Newlands, please contact me if anyone has interested in becoming involved in community gardens.

Spare bike parts

I would be interested in any spare bike parts or old bikes which i could use to fix my own bike in the future, or to use to fix other people's bikes…

Driving lessons

i have finally decided at the age of 25 it is time to learn how to drive. I would have to admit that I have actually only driven a car about 5 times in my life, maybe even less...

Ukulele lessons

Can you help me get beyond the basic Uke chords - especially strumming patterns. All help and encouragement gratefully received.