Quick tastes: Repair Cafe, Survey, and Movie Fundraiser

Nibble #1. This Saturday, 12 May is the 5th Occassional Repair Cafe!  Bring me your tired, your pilled, your wonky cords waiting to be fixed!  Or come along and help fix up someone else's stuff and get the warm fuzzy feeling of helping out and reducing waste.  11AM to 2PM at 199 Riddiford Street.  

Snack #2.  This is a bit inside baseball, but our trading software Community Weaver, is going to start charging Timebanks pretty soon.  It'll cost the Wellington Timebank approximately $2,490 per year to keep using our software.  We are asking YOU how we can cope with this big new cost.  Please take our 3-minute Survey (and then head over to Community Weaver and help yourself to a time credit for your effort!)

Treat #3.  Speaking of the need to exist in a mainstream economy, we are having a Movie Fundraiser Night on May 23rd!  We're supporting Kiwi film with tickets to The Breaker Upperers, a comedy about two cynical ladies who start a reverse dating service helping couples break up.  Tickets can be ordered via email or our EventFinda page.