Permaculture blitz

Renee is excited about the prospect of transforming her garden after getting advice from three different timebank members recently.

“My garden is really out of control! And in rebuilding it I'm keen to follow some permaculture principles which I had heard were all about making gardening easy and practical for everyday life.”

Renee has been a keen gardener for a number of years and she has dreamed of using permaculture principles to guide her gardening.

Grabbing the opportunity of linking in to other people’s knowledge and experience through the timebank, Renee put up a request for permaculture advice.

She had three timebankers contact her almost immediately: Irene, a landscape designer, Sarah, Chairperson of Permaculture NZ and Marie, a self-taught permaculture enthusiast.

Renee was thrilled with the result.

“It was great to learn about permaculture in the context of my own garden. Sarah had some fantastic tips on NZ plants that I would be able to grow in different areas of the garden … Marie noted down the dimensions of my front yard and went away and made me a plan which included the arc of the winter and summer sun, prevaling wind, microclimates, what I should plant where, composting, herb spirals and more.” 

Marie had recently learned about permaculture and was excited about the opportunity that this trade offered both her and Renee.

“Meeting Renee was for me an opportunity to share what I've learned so far and maybe inspire someone as I've been inspired. I hope to be able to go back and help her set some of the features she'd like to experiment.”

Marie has certainly achieved that - she inspired many of us at the Newtown Hub get together at Renee's house when she took us through the plan she had made for Renee's garden.  

Good luck transforming your garden Renee!