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Compost / worm farm advice

I would like to set up a compost or maybe a worm farm for our new house. Can anyone give me some advice about how to do it?

MYOB end-financial-year WIZARD + MAGIC?

Hi MYOB wizard, I've got the data in, now I need to wrangle it in prep for my accountant, especially depreciation and waving the magic wand to produce an accurate summary. Do you have that special something with numbers, know how to make them behave on the ballance sheet? Then I'd sure appreciate some assistance. Thanks BG: number-tamer.

Help learning Gmail

I am new to gmail and get around the basics but would like to learn more about google doc's and other gmail tricks. I live in Island Bay. Please get in touch with me if this sounds like something you could help me with 

Looking for chess partner for weekly coffee shop games!

I'm looking for someone who loves playing chess and drinking coffee to join me, maybe on a weekly basis, for a chess game!

I love a good old game of chess, I'm a fairly amateur player, but miss playing regularly since moving away from the UK.

If you enjoy playing chess and would be up for a game in Newtown one afternoon, give...

Cat Door Installation

I would like to install a cat door into a wood door, I don't have the tools or expertise to do it. Do you?

I can provide the door or happy to have advice even as I haven't purchased the cat door yet.

Would appreciate any advice.

My thanks Claire

Donate fabric for tote bags

We'd like to make some Wellington Timebank tote bags. If you have any spare fabric lying around that you would be happy to donate to the timebank to make the bags we'd love to have it!

You can earn a time credit for donating. One donation (not matter how much) = one time credit.

Please contact Margaret on 971 2979 or margaret.anne....

Designing an online logo on photoshop or similar

I need help with developing a banner for an online shop, and would love it if someone could develop one for me. Even better would be if someone could teach me how to do it myself, including advice on the best (and free?) software for an Apple computer.

Observing a family with small children


I'm a postgrad student in anthropology at Massey University. This year I'm writing a thesis on the how language transmits culture to small children. I'm travelling to Samoa to live for six weeks at the end of June to carry out this research.

Before I head over there I need to practice observing and note taking...

Digital TV installation

Can anyone help with installing a new digital TV in the next month please. I am not sure about whether the aerial I have is what is required.

Driving Lessons Needed

Kia Ora!

I have recently joined the Timebank, and as my first request I'm wondering if anyone is available to give me driving lessons.

So far I have a learners, and I have a friend's car that I can borrow. I will also be willing to pay for the gas.

My ideal would be someone who could regularly give me lessons, but as this is a...

Electrical issues...

Timebankers! We have a light fitting in our flat that dangles from a tiny wire and is unanimously considered scarily ugly. It's a broken three light (excessive) chandelier and we would like to replace it with a good old hanging bulb standard light fitting. Can you help us? A lot of people will be very happy to see this thing gone.... Chur! x

Website building help


A friend and I are setting up a small business and we need some help getting a website up and running. I have found out about platforms like oscommerce and magento and looked into the hosting plan side of things as well as templates etc but my technical knowledge is a bit limited and I would love someone who knows about all that coding stuff...

Local buying co-op

I have been thinking about the feasibility of a local buying co-op to see if significant savings for purchasing everyday items can be achieved for members. Some may have seen on TV how the big supermarkets are taking advantage of consumers, this is one way to do soemthing about it.

Has anyone had experience in the setup or operation of similar...

counselling/psychotherapy placement for 2013

Hi, My name is Wilhelmina van der Aa, I have just been accepted to do a psychotherapy training course starting feb 2013. (Yippee)

One of the requirements is that I have a "placement" in an organisation that offers counselling or with a private independent Counsellor/psychotherapist which would enable me to get the practical experience that I...

Funding Applications for Community Events

I produce a wide variety of fun free public events throughout every year and would love to find that person who can do successful funding applications for me. There are plenty of organisations that offer funding, as grants or donations, but not enough hours in the day for me to apply to many of them! If you like supporting and being part of fun...

Weeding in organic garden

We would love to have a bit of help staying on top of the weeding. We have a shady steep section with narrow terraces, and we grow a range of vegetables, herbs and small fruits, plus have several larger fruit trees established. We use organic and biodynamic techniques and preparations with good results. Aro Valley. Probably an hour a week/ two per...

Latest offers:

Adding Style and Function to your outdoor spaces

Whether it is a quiet place to sit, a great space to entertain outside, shelter from Wellington's wind, beautifully planted gardens, help with your pots or greening your patio, organically grown fruit or vegetables, or just to be able to grow anything in a challenging site, I am happy to spend time walking through your garden with you,...

Need a Second Pair of Eyes on a Presentation, Essay or Speech?

Are you preparing a presentation for work? Have you written the first draft of an essay or book? Are you making a speech? Do you want some feedback and minor edits? I was an English Literature major at university and have been told by many that I have a critical and discerning eye. I'd be happy to read over your...

Need Assistance with Grocery Shopping?

If you need help with grocery shopping or other light errands I am at your service. I can help those without transportation, those who are temporarily or permanently disabled, the new mums and the elderly.


You place your order online directly with the store and call me when your order is ready for pick-up. In this...

Headshot Photography for Actors/Models

Your headshots must show the most accurate, attractive representation of you as a person and as a personality. The photos must be well lit and must show your versatility and character.

I'm am a semi-amateur headshot photographer originally from Los Angeles and now based in Wellington. I am creative and professional, and I...

Wedding and/or Engagement Photography

Location:Wellington/Hutt Valley/Porirua

Do you need a photographer who is professional, punctual, creative, and gets you the shots that you want? Do you need a photographer who can turn around the shots to you quickly and who will give you the rights to share as many photos as you would like with your family and friends?

You want your...

Holistic Pulsing personal sessions 1 hour (clothed only) gentle rocking - relax & recharge yourself!

Holistic Pulsing personal 1:1 sessions  (1 hour clothed gentle rocking for relaxation and to recharge yourself, assist your physical, emotional and mental healing). I am a professional Mind-Body practitioner with 20+ years experience and I also teach Holistic Pulsing in small group (3+) introduction workshops (1/2 day).

Sourdough Making

Sourdough is one of the easiest breads I've found to make. You don't have to knead it or even buy yeast.

I have a starter that I can give you, and instructions on how to feed it, store it, and make bread from it :-)

Let me know if you're keen, and we'll book a time!



kayaking sheltered water

I have 2 kayaks available at Mana so can lend them to 2 people for use there, or accompany one person.  I can show a beginner how to kayak or remind you of some useful tips. The Pauatahanui inlet is very sheltered, mostly shallow and very safe. It is tidal and access to the water is easier when not low tide.  I am available days and...

Wardrobe Consult

I can help you decide about what in your wardrobe really suits you and works for your lifestyle.Its fun doing sessions where you try on outfits and we talk about the line,the colour, what matches with what, and the fun factor. Does an outfit need to be altered, matched with something new or would it be best to move it along..?? I'm your gal.


Help with choosing what you need or really want to keep and what needs to GO !

I can also help you organise your goods to take up less space and look tidy, in home, office or shed.

Personalised Clothing Modifications

Kia Ora!

Do you have a favourite piece of clothing that just got a nasty hole? Do you have a skirt that's too big? An old-fashioned dress that's bursting with posibility? I'd love to help make that hole look deliberate.

As my mother always said, "I don't bond with clothes until I get to fix them." While I can...

Space for meetings/workshops/parties etc

Island Bay Community Centre has three spaces available for the use of community groups or individuals. The hall is a large modern wooden floored space that holds up to 80 people. It is good for dance, exercise, parties and presentations. The lounge is smaller, carpeted with chairs and tables available as well as couches. It suits smaller...

Beginner Saxophone Lessons

Hey there!

I have played the Alto Saxophone for 3 years. I may not be a pro, but I do have a deep love for the instrument, and I can offer a safe and supportive space to make your first sounds.

I can teach you proper breathing techniques, fingering, sight reading skills, and help you to gain confidence.

My little sister plays the...

English classes for Hindi speaking immigrants

Hi Everyone,

I am keen to teach basic/advance english to hindi speaking immigrants who are struggling with the language. Any new immigrants from India who need some help with the english language or getting use to the cultural differences or anything please feel free to contact, more than happy to help!

For details, please respond to this...


I am a fun, reliable, energetic ECE Level 3 Qualified nanny with experience available to work full, part time or casual.

My strengths are teaching water confidence and swimming, creative play, dance and music, playdough (I have an awesome playdough kit!) outings and excursions, housework and food preparation, nurturing, noticing, encouraging,...

Cooking a meal

I am not a genius where i can whip up a 3 course meal in a hour...i do apologise. Tho what i can offer is a basic well cooked meal taken from your fridge and cupboards.

I try not to make a huge mess and have a few reciepes up my sleeve.

Please dont hestitate to contact me about cooking meals for your grandmother :)

Adminy/legaly type stuff

Hello, I'm Maria, and I would love to help you with your admin/legally problems. I'm a lawyer so have lots of admin experience as well as some legal experience :)

Drop me a text if I can help in any way - 0210 486 258.

Cheers :)

Digital Photography Services

I am a keen self-taught photographer who specialises in people photography. I am happy to take photos for you for your family/portrait/event/business/band/press kit/news article. I am looking to expand my portfolio so let me know if you mind me including your image/s on my website (currently under construction!). Happy to try and accomodate all...

Leaflet dropping

Do you want some leaflets or newsletters delivering?

Just get in touch with what you need - and when you need it by.

I have my own transport (and legs).

Also, if you are reading this and thinking it makes sense to go digital, happy to help with data entry and typing. I have Microsoft Publisher and can create a basic template for newsletters,...

Need a hand decluttering a room or two?

Do you need a hand decluttering a room or two?

Kids room driving you batty? Garage overflowing? Filing a big mess? Need a hand sorting through the bathroom cabinets? Or just want some company - and motivation to get stuck in and get it done?

Whether you want someone to encourage you to "get rid"/ "let go" - or you want to...


Dorothy is an experienced proof-reader who often does this for friends. She is happy to offer her services to timebank members. It is something she enjoys.

Contact Hannah at the timebank on 920 6708 or

Computer/PC help

If you have a computer question or problem, virus or otherwise let me know and I'll help you resolve the issues.

Respite care

I am an experienced nurse currently working at Wellington Hospital Monday to Friday. I have experience caring for people in their own homes and would be happy to offer respite care on a weekend day. Please don't hesitate to contact me.

Clothes alterations and mending

I've got my own sewing machine and have medium level skills on it. I can take up hems, take in seams, put in zippers etc. I'm fairly confident with most things, just not fancy tailored suits. Send me a message if you need my skills!

Basic computer literacy help

Hi, I can help with setting up email accounts, surfing the net, using library catalogue from home to search and reserve items, using databases.  Basic stuff, not the tech side of computers.

Fabulous Foot Massage

I'm a qualified massage therapist,specialising in reflexology.This means I give great face,scalp and foot massages.I also do crystal healing massage and make my own oils.I am also a qualified Herbalist with over 15 years experience.I'm happy to teach massage techniques while I give you an energising and relaxing massage.I'm also happy...

Driving Lessons

I am offering driving lessons to anyone who has their own car. I am based in Island Bay.