Latest offers and requests


Quick Bike Fix

My beloved bike is a bit broken with a chain issue and I am dearly missing it! The chain clinks and clunks and comes off repeatedly. Anyone have an idea on how to fix this issue I would love to hear from you...


I would like to meet a fun person who has a genuine love of kids and is interested in a weekly or fortnightly childminding/babysitting opportunity. Island Bay/Southgate location. Could you spend time with my 4.5 year old on a Friday evening from 6 - 9pm (or thereabouts)? I would like to met up beforehand please.

Computer repair, dc input/output

Dear genius technical minds, I have had the problem assessed now I just need the help fixing it. Does anyone have the skill to fix this problem, it is fairly urgent as it is a business computer I use for everyday...

Motorcycle Maintenance

I'm looking for someone to help / teach me to fix my motorcycle- Yamaha Tenere 660. I need to replace the chain and sprokets, and rear tyre to be ready for summer.

Full hard drive

Dave has a hard drive on his computer which is full and he's hoping someone can have a look at it and give him some pointers on how to either make space. If any of you computer wizzes have time to have a look he'd be most grateful. 

Logo design for a community bread project:)

Hey folks, i am needing to design a simple logo which will be part of promotional material for a small scale sourdough bread project i have started. I am looking for anyone with access to some type of drawing tools both physical and on a computer, who has an interest in designing stuff...

Article search: NZ Army and the Solomon Islands

I need help with a part of my research project. For my University research about the New Zealand Army, I would like to find all the articles about the RAMSI mission to the Solomon Islands in the 'Army' magazine. I am looking for someone to go through the montly 'Army' magazines available on online since 2006, and collate all the...

Need Comfrey offsets

I'm looking for someone who's growing comfrey and could give me root offsets and maybe share their experience with growing it in Wellington. Thanks

Piano lessons for child

My 8 year-old is interested in learning to play the piano. I would love to find somebody locally who would be willing to give him a taster. 

Cheese making

We are getting a 20l bucket of milk every week and i would love to learn how to make cheese.

I could organize a workshop if i find someone who could teach us.

Drum Lessons

I have always wanted to learn how to play the drums properly.If you have a drum kit and a place for me to learn and practice I would be very happy.

Car shopping

Have sent my car to the giant wreckers yard in the sky, and didn't realise how hard it would be buying a new car without a car.

Need a ride to various locations to test drive prospective vehicles. Some car knowledge may be an advantage, but not essential..

Gardener needed to give advice

Hi folks, I have a small garden with some plants in large terracotta pots. Some are doing well, some are dying - I need someone to come and tell me what I'm doing wrong in looking after these plants (maybe they're in the wrong place / need more or less water etc.).

Should take less than one hour - but I can provide nice coffee as...

Horse withdrawal syndrome - Please help!!

It's been over a year since I last rode a horse and I've started developing symptoms of the dreaded HWD (Horse withdrawal syndrome). This includes irregular whimpering, trance-like daydreams, uncontrollable dribbling... that's just the beginning. Last week, I tried to lasso my manager while riding a swiss ball across the office.

Need some housecleaning for my Mother who has recently been ill. Maybe 2 hours? 

Hi folks,

My mother has recently been ill, and I'd love to help her out with some housecleaning, but I'm really busy myself.

She lives in Island Bay, any help would be muchly appreciated.

Accountancy and/or Business Advice

I am starting up an interesting small business and would like to get some advice on how to manage my books. I have looked for advice on how to grow my idea from a hobby into a business for the last year or so and i'm ready to sort out my finances and work out what to do with reciepts, invoices, gst, getting tax back, paying tax etc etc.

Mig welder 

hello.. im after borrowing a mig welder of someone... i have a welding mask but really could do with a welder for a day or two im building a rocket stove .i low power one will be fine.. please email me if you have or know someone who has one ,, cheers

Funding Applications for Community Events

I produce a wide variety of fun free public events throughout every year and would love to find that person who can do successful funding applications for me. There are plenty of organisations that offer funding, as grants or donations, but not enough hours in the day for me to apply to many of them! If you like supporting and being part of fun...

Weeding in organic garden

We would love to have a bit of help staying on top of the weeding. We have a shady steep section with narrow terraces, and we grow a range of vegetables, herbs and small fruits, plus have several larger fruit trees established. We use organic and biodynamic techniques and preparations with good results. Aro Valley. Probably an hour a week/ two per...

Latest offers:

Poster/ flyer creation

Do you need a poster created for an upcoming event?

A4, A3 or invitation size. I will develop a poster and deliver it by email as a PDF - you won't have to come and collect anything...

Trade Me help

I can fast-track you on buying or selling on Trade Me (or other online auction sites). Armed with digital camera and a great trading record., I can help you seize the day and sell something if you are short of cash. I am flexible time-wise.

Pet feeding and walking 

Experienced at taking care of animals. Happy to visit and feed your pets while you are away. Or walk dogs if youre unable.

Sourdough Bread Starter

Hi :), I have a sourdough bread starter to give out along with either a hands-on or written instructions. I am willing to come to you to show you how to feed the starter and make the bread... 

Get started on ukulele

If you've always wanted to play a musical instrument, and you love to sing, this is the way to start! I'm recently self-taught, so I know how quickly you can get to be playing your fave songs. I can teach you a range of chords that are used for many songs...

Kefir grains

Kefir is made by fermenting milk using an ongoing culture, known as kefir "grains". According to the enthusiasts, kefir is extremely nutrient dense, full of probiotics, and very, very healthy, as well as having a very small curd that is very easy for lactose-sensitive persons to digest...

Help with Trademe, Basic computerskills(Anykind),Testing Websites

TradeMe: I can help the people with the trading process buying or selling/ uploading the history.

Computer skills: I can help with the basic computer skills MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Visio

Testing the web sites/service: As i have a enough experience as a Software Test Analyst with ISTQB certification i can help  the people who built the...

Tool Sharing

I have some basic tools and more than happy to loan them out to anybody that would like to use them. I live in Aro Valley and unfortunately would not be able to deliver anything. Drill, hand saw, clamps, battery operated...

Homemade muesli 

I have enjoyed making my own muesli now for over 3years and would love to pass on this satisfying and wholesome thing to everybody. I am offering two things here, either teach people how to make their own muesli and give you some recipes...

Practical jobs in and around the home and learning DIY skills

As a practical community person with a training in furniture making and building both here in NZ and the UK I can turn my hand to many of those maintenance jobs light or heavy...


Recently I've been perfecting my bread making skills and have a really yummy, health, seedy (as pumpkin, chia, sunflower) bread that requires no kneading!! If you wanna learn how, get in touch - or happy to make bread for people if they pay for the ingredients.


Dorothy is an experienced proof-reader and it is something that she enjoys doing. She is happy to offer this service to anyone who wants a hand.

Vegetable gardening help/advise

I am a passionate organic gardener and would love to share my knowledge with others.

Cooking for something Special

Professional chef to cook all or part of your next dinner party or family gathering.? Special birthday cake that you just don’t have time to make?

Driving Lessons

I am offering driving lessons to anyone who has their own car. I am based in Island Bay.


I am well-trained in household chores by my mom. And I'm a perfectionist so when I do something, I make sure that it’s the best that can be.  If you need help in house chores or hand in your garden, just let me know and I will see if I'm free...

University Study Advice

I have spent 17 of the last 20 years at Victoria University, and while accumulating a silly number of degrees, have learnt a lot of the tricks of the trade as to what they want from students. I am offering to share some good study habits for success...

Guitar, Bass, Ukulele Tuition

I am an experienced professional band bass player; and am a competent guitarist. I have had very good feedback when I have given beginner to intermediate guitar lessons, and am happy to offer this service, either guitar or bass....

Hairdressing services

Services include: Woman's Haircuts (Consultation necessary)

Mens Haircuts and Beards/Mustache trims, Colour Work (Consultation preferred before colour purchases), Hairups for Balls or formal events, Wedding hair

Child minding

Hi, I can look after children week day afternoon/evenings.  Experienced 16 year old.