Before I Die I Want To...

  • Win a Nobel Prize
  • Apologise
  • See a unicorn
  • Find love again
  • Read the entire internet
  • Get the kids to leave home
  • Scream from many mountain tops
  • Help make the world Glow brighter

What do you want to do?

As we get caught up in our daily lives sometimes we forget what really matters. Before I Die is a global art project that asks people to take a moment to reflect on their lives and share their aspirations in a public space. Since Candy Chang created the first Before I Die wall in New Orleans more than 200 walls have been created in over 15 different languages and in more than 40 countries.

The Wellington Timebank and the Newtown Community Centre have joined forces to bring this project to Newtown.

On a sunny Friday Hannah, Anna, and Marit and friends armed themselves with chalkboard paint, rollers, stencils, and chalk and created our own wall right here in Newtown. The first contributions were added as soon as the paint was dry, and within a couple days the wall was so full it had to be washed clean again.

So far the wall has had many visitors. Local shopkeepers are amazed at the amount of interest in the wall. Often passersbys pause to read the latest responses, which come in an incredible variety. “It’s a good idea, it gives people the space to share something about themselves” one observer commented.

"I think it's easy for people to go though their day to day life without engaging with the world around them. We want people to stop for a moment and think about what is important to them." says Hannah, Coordinator of the Wellington Timebank.

Anna, from the Newtown Community Centre says it's great because anyone can engage with it. "You don't have to be a wordsmith ... it can be just one word."

The Wall is on the corner of Wilson and Riddford Streets and will be up until the 11th of October. Stop by for a chance to see what matters to people in our community, and to share what matters to you. This wall is yours. Please enjoy.

Keep updated on the Newtown wall through our facebook page.