Hello from the new Co-Coordinator!

A woman in her mid-thirties waves at the camera.  She has purple hair and glasses. Hello, everyone!  I'm Shannon, the new Co-Coordinator with Maddie.  I've been a Timebank member since 2012, and I'm really excited to work behind the scenes with the Wellington Timebank.

Maddie will still be here, so don't worry about that.  Eryn has gone back to her role with the Newtown Community and Cultural Centre. So you'll see her around the building, but she'll be focussed on her other projects.  A HUGE thank you to her for helping out over the last few months; that is fantastic!

When I'm not Timebanking, I do lots of other stuff.  I work in theatre as a freelance director and a drama teacher.  The last few years I've fallen into reviewing, so I mentor and edit young theatre reviewers.

When not doing those things, I can usually be found making cosplay costumes (dressing up like sci-fi characters. So nerdy and so fun!), or chilling with my partner and my cat.

In my role as Coordinator, I'm really interested in both growing the Timebank, and supporting our current members.  I'm still feeling things out, and I would LOVE to hear your ideas for organizing trades, events you'd like to see, and anything else on your mind!  You can drop by and see me in the Office all day Tuesday, Wednesday afternoon, or Friday mornings.

Love love,