Have Tools - Will Travel

Brad Crowley brought the tools of his trade with him, all the way from Portland, Oregon. Two and a half years ago, he arrived in New Zealand. He likes Wellington, and is practising his trade here as a hobby, with great benefits for Timebank members.

He owned his own business back in the States, installing rain tanks. ‘There’s a need for that here,’ he points out, referring to earthquake provision.

Homeowners can obtain 200 – 300 litre water tanks from the Second Treasures shop at the city’s landfill. Brad’s expertise now enters the picture. He makes a cut in the water downspout and installs tubing and a fitting that then connects with the tank (all supplied in the rain tank kit). Brad makes the point that the tubing is only 10 – 15 cm in length, meaning that the tank sits close to the house.

Brad does other things as well. He’s installed a closet hanger and a wall mounted heater, and is prepared to make general repairs. He also helped transport and install some bunk beds using his multi purpose van.

Bunnings supplies most of what he needs – ‘I spend a lot of time there,’ he grins.

Brad is a great model of Timebank reciprocity. He has received a number of things including help fixing his bike.

Looks good.  You might mention that I prefer to work with wood and have the tools to do such work.  I also do NOT do concrete work or play with chainsaws!

Story by Marg Austin