Haircut refresh

Claire has been revitalising timebank members with fresh haircuts to launch into spring. She has given four haircuts over the past couple of months.

Claire was a hairdresser for many years in Kilbirnie. Although she has moved on from this trade professionally, she enjoys being able to offer this skill in the timebank.

“For me it's a great way to connect with people and use my transferable skills from when I was working as a hairdresser in the most time effective way.”

She has all the tools and sets up her salon either in your living room or in hers.

However for Claire there is more to the experience than just giving someone a haircut.

“Trades are not so much about the gift of the trade but the time taken to be a part of someone’s life for a couple of hours. That has a bigger impact of being involved in the community on a wider scale. Being more connected to the people of Wellington and the suburbs like Island Bay, Newtown or Karori and feeling like you are making a difference in your very small way.”

She certainly achieves that. Hannah had Claire come around to her house one Friday morning.

“It was great! Claire came to my house and gave me a haircut in my living room. It took about an hour and we chatted and laughed as we shared stories. I walked away with a great new haircut and feeling like I’d really got to know Claire a whole lot better.”

Good on you Claire for sharing your skills and actively connecting with people in your community.