Get into the festive spirit and celebrate our communities!


The upcoming Newtown festival isn’t just about the music, the food and the chance to walk down Riddiford Street without traffic! It’s also an opportunity to celebrate the diverse people and communities of Newtown.

The Newtown Festival joins other Wellington suburbs in starting off the New Year with a celebration of our local neighbourhoods. The Island Bay Festival, Kilbirnie Festival, and the upcoming Aro Valley Fair are all about getting out of the CBD and appreciating the goodness each suburb has to offer.

The festival also gives us the chance to view the suburbs we know like the back of our hand through a different lens. We can see how visitors to Newtown interact with our treasured environment, or maybe discover a community group we never even knew existed. As Wellington city grows and changes, suburban festivals keep the spirit of the city alive. They remind us of the importance of sticking to our roots and celebrating the rich culture of our neighbours.


Organisations like the Timebank are the strings that weave our community together. If you see a fellow Timebanker in the crowd on Sunday, smile and say hi and acknowledge that they are part of this wonderful community. Of course, the Timebank extends outside of Newtown, and some Timebankers live in suburbs that don’t have a festival of their own. If you are a Newtown local, take the time to welcome visitors and include them in the celebrations, whether it is dancing at one of the street stages or in between bites of delicious roti.

By Vivienne Askey