Crafting with KJ and Beeswax


Why might you grab your iron, some pretty material off-cuts, a roll of greaseproof paper and … some beeswax? Read on reader, read on, for beeswax-wrap-knowhow!

When it comes to crafting I think KJ is a bit of an expert; not only does she seem to be a dab hand at most things ‘crafty,’ but her problem-solving ability (she’s not an events’ manager for nothing!) means that she is always looking to improve upon suggested techniques.

My brief described what seemed to be an intriguing trade and, although I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, after chatting to KJ for half an hour I was all in favour of sustainable and very decorative cling-film. That might be ‘glad-wrap’ to all you readers – and certainly a suitably attractive name for KJ’s colourful home-made gifts!

Initially, a friend spotted these home-made gifts and suggested they would be a great thing for KJ to try out. Not one to refuse a challenge, she made some for the No Sh*t Gift Shop last November and they sold out within the hour! Being so popular, she agreed to hold a workshop. 

Just before Christmas Heather Brown attended this workshop. She said, 'KJ was very organized, welcoming and generous with her home and resources! Not only did I learn a great new skill and make some excellent presents, but I also really enjoyed spending the afternoon crafting with two lovely ladies!’

According to KJ the wraps are relatively cheap to make. Apart from the beeswax, you can use left-over material off-cuts (she uses 100% cotton) and the necessary equipment – iron, greaseproof paper, grater - is generally found at home. Because the beeswax moulds really well when it is just warm, it will wrap ingredients like cheese or mould over bowls and jars of food. The wraps wipe down and can make stunningly attractive presents.

KJ loves learning through experimentation and finds that Timebank is a great way for traders to pass on their knowledge and expertise. Of the numerous trades she has made in her 4 years’ membership she particularly values the ones involving skin-care products and making jewellery. Both of these were areas that she wanted to get involved in but realised that, without experience, the initial outlay might be unnecessarily expensive. Expertise and a little encouragement from a couple of Timebankers gave her confidence and that friendly helping hand to take the plunge! 

If you have been intrigued by the beeswax wraps and you now feel the urge to roll up your sleeves and have a go … contact KJ, through Timebank, and she’ll do another workshop! My advice: plunder that box of material oddments and – book early!

Story by Sue Jenkins