2013: What a Year!

The Wellington Timebank office will be closed from December 20th through January 13th. Keep up the trading in between, and pop into the office and welcome Hannah back when we re-open!

As we near the end of another year it's a great time to look back at all that's happened! We had some amazing trades: ranging from making Errol, "a Brachiosaurus, with a long neck, or maybe a Camarasaurus, but with spikes like a Hesperosaurus or a Stegasaurus,” to moving house, energy alignments, gardening, life coaching... the list goes on. We welcomed organizations such as People's Coffee, Village Op-Shop, Innermost Gardens, Sustainability Trust, and Chalkle onboard, and worked with them to involve more people and fundraise for our Timebank. And our neighbourhood hubs are growing and constantly welcoming new members! There have been so many wonderful memories and now so many exciting prospects for 2014!