The people behind the Timebank

Timebank Coordinator

 Currently looking for a new coordinator! Get in touch!


Steering Committee

Alana Kane 

I have been a member of Timebank since 2016, when I joined through my work, to support people to get into the community. Later in 2019 I spent two years as Wellington Timebank Coordinator, where my love grew for Timebank, seeing all the wonderful things it can do in a community. I love Timebanking because I believe it is radical community connection. We are building community, whilst working together to radicalise the economic system. I hope that Timebanks can continue to flourish across the world. In my spare time I like beaching, bathing, essetial oiling, arting and speaking Spanish.

Eryn Gribble

Eryn is the slightly scruffy punk of the Newtown Community Centre – a people person and passionate advocate. She’s got “mad Aroha” for inclusion, art, community, music, conversation and laughter. As an artist she loves to make stuff, as NCCC coordinator she loves to make stuff happen! She's been digging the timebank as an active member for 6 years and you can find her making all sorts of rad requests on Community Weaver!




Rebecca Gouldhurst

Rebecca Gouldhurst believes that the world would be a better place if there was a lot less focus on money and more energy spent nourishing nature and our communities. She earns her crust as a Wellbeing Educator – which is a cross between Naturopathy and Counselling. Rebecca enjoys pottering in the garden, experimenting in the kitchen and to keep active she's an avid “5 rhythms” dancer. Even machines need TLC and a wee bit of elbow grease and oiling – so Rebecca found her way onto the steering committee to help the team keep those cogs turning!



Shelali Shetty

I have been a part of the timebank for over 6years. One of the biggest motivations for being a part of timebank is because it gave me the luxury to meet like minded people who wanted to build a community around them that they truly believe can sustain based on kindness and sharing of resources. Waste minimisation and diversion is my area of expertise and i can help set up a resource recovery business however at the same time can also cook some amazing indian food and get your home all tidied up and some other bits and bobs.I decided to join the steering committee as i felt i could not help keep the place ticking and cover for the co-ordinator but be someone who can get the ship sailing forward.


Bernadette Delaney 

Bernadette has been a long time Timebank member and a Steering Committee member since 2019. One of her favourite trades was a Kyaking trade with Lainey, a fellow Timebanker and ex-steering committee member! They spent the day paddling out in the harbour. Bernadette provides great support to the Wellington Timebank through her keen attitude and community mindedness. 


Ellie Clayton

 Ellie is originally from Australia, via the UK, and has been in Aotearoa for some years, mostly loitering around Newtown. She is in love with the ocean and is passionate about social justice. She is currenlty overseeing Timebank from the NCCC umbrella!