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Welcome to Wellington's Timebank!

Time is our currency. Our members swap skills and knowledge for credits. We trade these credits for services in our community.

Our Timebank is a great place to meet people and get help with things you can’t do. You can also learn new skills and share your talents with people.

Everyone’s time is valued equally, regardless of what skills are exchanged.

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Inter-trading between Timebanks across NZ

Claire, a Wellington Timebank member, made an unusual request recently. She was planning a visit to her grandfather who lives in Lincoln, near Christchurch. Not wanting to ask him to drive anywhere, because of his failing eyesight, she wondered if anyone nearby could help.

Coordinator of Wellington Timebank, Chris got in touch with Julie, volunteer coordinator for Timebank Aotearoa NZ, and she contacted Selwyn Timebank to put out a request to Selwyn members, Lincoln being in Selwyn district.

Now it was time for Jenny to ent


er the picture. ‘Yes, I saw the request and responded. I got in touch with the lady concerned, and later picked her up from Christchurch airport – although we needed a couple of cell phone calls to finally meet!’ she explains. (A word of advice: make payment arrangement clear before meeting - money toward petrol costs is expected.)

And a comment from Claire about the experience? ‘It was wonderful to achieve this request so easily. From my simple desire to get somewhere, I launched the first trade through the national Timebank. A great deal of thanks to the Aotearoa NZ and Selwyn Timebanks.’

And how does this work?

Inter-trades between Timebanks has always been possible by each Timebank being a members of the other. Now there is a Timebank Aotearoa NZ this is more streamlined. TBANZ becomes a member of your local Timebank so you can do an exchange with TBANZ  on your Timebank as does the person you are trading with. This saves lots of one off signups of members on other Timebanks or between Timebanks. Arranging the trade still requires communication with the relevant Timebank where the coordinator puts up a request or offer.

Eg. Clare gives Time credits to TBANZ on Wellington TB - Jenny takes Time credits from TBANZ on Selwyn TB.

Timebank Inter-trade protocol template

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